Multi award winning motion graphics artist Jonathan Winbush has released Krip·tō mīnə pronounced “ Crypto Mine “ now available exclusively on Super Rare. Using a unique combination of Cinema 4D, Epic games Unreal Engine, and Adobe After Effects to make this piece come to life Winbush will give a peak behind the curtain of how this 1 of 1 art was put together.

Starting in Cinema 4d the Ethereum model was created and placed in the direct center of the scene so that everything could be built later on around it since this is the hero piece of the shot. Using the camera target tag so that the camera is always looking at our hero piece the camera is placed near the crystal and then pulled back in one swift movement.

Once the Ethereum and camera moves are saved in Cinema 4D the project file is prepped and ready to be brought over to Unreal Engine where the scene will continue to evolve building a dynamic cave around our hero.

A lot of detail went into every crease of the scene to make it feel as if the cave was alive and has also been mined in by people or other beings. If you look closely you can see oil lamps throughout the cave hinting that someone or something frequents this cave to mine for Ethereum.

The cave is plentiful with Ethereum crystals as the natives only mine what they need and it’s barely been touched or discovered by anyone of the outside world. This is the tone for the animation though short it’s created to feel cinematic and make you ask more questions about where is this located and who knows about its whereabouts.

Once finished with all the attention to details the scene is then rendered out in 3 passes. A detailed lighting pass, an image pass, and a reflection pass. These passes are then brought into Adobe Affect effects where they will received further composting and color correction.

Once inside of After Effects the 3 passes are combined together with a mixture of levels effects until the ideal look is achieved. After that several more effects are added including glows, hue and saturation, Magic Bullet Looks, and gaussian blur. The attributes are dialed in with those effects applied and then real footage of fog is added on top to give it an added sense of depth. Chromatic effects are applied to make the details not as sharp to feel more cinematic and a final color pass is done.

A custom built audio sound track by Ben Eshagpoor aka beMotion was created just for this piece in which he was given complete freedom to compose and he saw fit. Only note of inspiration he was given was to think of a motion picture soundtrack like Tomb Raider or India Jones. Once complete the audio was added to the final animation piece as you see it up on SuperRare.

Jonathan Winbush is a multi-award winning motion graphics artist with over a decade of experience working in a wide arrange of mediums from television, movies, to virtual & augmented reality. Over his career Winbush has done work for Epic Games, Marvel, Warner Bros, & Happy Madison to name a few. Notable works include Iron Man 1, Lego Batman 2, Transformers, NFL on FOX, Power Rangers, Fantastic Four, Deadliest Catch and My Little Pony. He also creates tutorials on YouTube for free.


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Jonathan Winbush is a multi-award winning motion graphics artist that has work with Epic Games, Marvel, Netflix, Warner Bros, DC, & Happy Madison to name a few.